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— 搭乘上山小火車路線示意圖 —

 Illustration of the forest train route. 



  Chiayi Train Station Front Station

   Enter the station through the ticket gate and board the Alishan Forest Train. Please proceed in the direction to your right.


Head towards Platform 1.


  Will see a police station on the right at the end.

▇森林鐵路-嘉義車站 告示板
Forest Railway - Chiayi Station Notice Board


  The railway tracks of the Forest Railway are on the front right side.


   The train slowly enters the tracks, and above the platform, there are markings indicating carriage stopping points (in red numbers).


Once the train has come to a stop, you can find your corresponding carriage and take your assigned seat (reserved seat).


  The space inside the forest miniature train carriages is limited, so it is recommended not to carry oversized luggage.


For passengers who have booked  the mountain-bound train project project:

The departure station is Chiayi Train Station at 09:00 in the morning.
Please be sure to arrive at the platform 15 minutes early for boarding.

The final destination is Shizilu Train Station, where you will arrive at 12:00 noon.
Please do not disembark during the journey.



請旅客特別注意,嘉義火車站 非 嘉義高鐵站,兩者相距尚需車程30分鐘。 

愛玩美旅行社地址:嘉義市後驛街196號 (靠近嘉義火車站後站、大潤發側邊)





— 以上資訊為《愛玩美旅遊》提供,請勿私自轉載 —