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Eight Sights


Visit the Amazing Eight Sights


▇28號巨木    No.28 Giant Tree

  • 為巨木群之首,黃花著生杜鵑及條蕨等台灣特有種植物附於上,奇姿可觀。
    As the head among the giant trees, No.28 Giant Tree has endemic plants such as Rhododendron kawakamii Hayata and Oleandra wallichii growing on it.


▇塔山奇岩    Tachanqi Rock

  • 塔山登高          Climb to the top of Tashan
    Composed by a large number of odd-shaped rocks, Tashan is one of the most impressive landscapes in Alishan.
    After reacging the summit, visitors are able to overlook the magnificent landscapes of Jade Mountain and Central Mountain Range, Alishan National Forest Recreation Area,and cloud waterfalls or sea of clouds.


▇小笠原山    Mt. Ogasawara

  • 可賞五奇兼觀星,並可眺玉山及中央山脈壯麗山容。
    鳥迷和山岳迷必訪! 沿途林相蒼鬱,山徑滿佈花葉或松針。春可賞櫻、雛菊、木蘭及杜鵑,終年可賞日出、晚霞及星辰,並可眺望峰峨巍。
    It provides a destination for visitors to appreciate the five wonders as well as stars while overlooking magnificent landscapes of Jade Mountain and the Central Mountain Range.
    Mt. Ogasawara is a must-not-miss destination for bird and mountain enthusiasts.
    Surrounded by the luxuriant forest, there are a variety of plants along the road where visitors can enjoy a fascinating view of cherry blossom, Magnolia virginiana (magolia), Rhododendron (Indian Azalea), and Bellis perennis(daisy) in spring. 
    Moreover, this place is also an ideal destination for visitors to watch the sunrise, evening glow, and stars other than overlooking the majestic peaks.


▇神怡流瀑    Shunyi Waterfall

  • 溪水潺潺,環繞參天巨木。
    The running water embraces the towering trees.


▇水山巨木    Shuishan Giant Tree 

  • 樹齡2,700年,樹瘤線條奇美。
    Standing erect for around 2,700 years, it presents amazing burls.


▇慈雲觀景    Ciyun Temple Scenery

  • 可賞雲海、晚霞及落日,眺聚落及塔山。寺旁台灣杉為珍貴之孑遺植物。
    A place for visitors to view the sea of clouds, the red clouds of evening, and the sunset while overlooking tribes and Tashan at the same time. Precious Taiwan cryptomerioides are found next to the temple.


▇阿里山神木遺跡    Alishan Sacred Tree

  • 為園區精神象徵。1906年被發現,1998年放倒。
    As a spiritual symbol in Alishan, the sacred tree was discovered in 1906 and was cut and laid in 1998.


▇香林拱橋    Xianglin Arch Bridge

  • 環抱綠林碧水,素樸但富禪意
    Surrounded by greenwoods and clear water, Xianglin arch bridge is full of Zen ambience.



  • 阿里山各景點電子地圖 (如無看到以下縮圖可點選此連結)




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